Freepoint Pipe & Supply, Inc. is proud to support the "green culture!"  We securely set cement plugs to protect water sources for our future generations.  Also, we recycle and reuse oilfield equipment and pipe so no additional resources are mined and milled.

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Under                       Complaint?

Site Building   & Remediation

Are any of your wells under complaint?  Don't worry, call us and we can guide you through the process and even take some of the work off of you.  Our information is under the contacts tab.  Call or email us today!

Freepoint Pipe & Supply, Inc. has been in business since 1989!  Operators call us when they know experience and "know how" are important.  We pride ourselves in understanding what it takes to provide service to you at the lowest cost, with the expertise to do the job right.

Need dirt work?  We can be the one-stop-shop for location building and remediation.  From laying or turning up lease roads to building pads, we can do it!  Let us construct the lease to your regulatory agency's standard and make you and the landowner happy.

We want to restore

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its natural state!