Freepoint Pipe & Supply, Inc. is a unique oil and gas service company based in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Known for our expertise in plugging and abandonment in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Arkansas.  Freepoint Pipe & Supply, Inc. will help you plan for an easy transition of your well.  Knowledge and expertise coupled with experience, guarantee that you will get what your company needs. 

about us

Marginal well Purchasing

Freepoint Pipe & Supply, Inc. inventories a wide variety of used oil field surface equipment, tubulars and rods.  Please visit our inventory page to see what we currently have in stock.  If you are needing something in particular, call us and let us know.  We will do our best to find your needs.

Freepoint Pipe & Supply, Inc. also maintains a wide variety of dirt work equipment.  From bulldozers, backhoes, graders and trucks, we can do whatever service you have in mind from site building to remediation.


Pipe and equipment

Have an under producing well, or even several?  Freepoint Pipe & Supply, Inc. will offer a reasonable purchase price for your divestiture.  Give us a call or email your information, we would love to speak with you!